Rental Agreement

This is the agreement that you will be asked to sign when we deliver the car. Please note that this agreement is subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Vehicle not to be taken out of the TRNC
  2. I/we know that if the driver of Atoll Rent A Car vehicle is found to be negligent then the other parties property is covered to a maximum of 10,000 GBP sterling cover. The balance is The renter responsibility.
  3. The renter agrees that he/she will not permit any other persons to drive the said vehicle, without the prior consent of the company and such consent being so signified here under on this agreement.
  4. I/we have read and agree to the terms and conditions overleaf and warrant that all details are correct.
  5. The insurance does not cover damages caused to the following: tyres, wind-screen, interior of the vehicle, underside of the vehicle, loss or destruction of keys.


1. Parties

Atoll Rent A Car Ltd. is hereinafter called the Owner. The real or incorporated person whose names, address, and signatures appear on the first page of this contract are hereinafter called the Renter.

2. Rent Conditions

(a) The renter hereby accepts and agrees to rent the vehicle, the registration number, rental period, rental fee and the fees of additional rental services of which are stated on page 1, under the general terms and implicit conditions stated on pages 1 and 2 of this contract.

(b) The expression ‘The vehicle’ or ‘Vehicle’ refers to all tyres, accessories, tools, and other equipment where, considered as inseparable parts of the vehicle. By receiving the vehicle, the renter acknowledges that he has inspected the vehicle (including all of the above components) and has found and taken delivery of them in complete working condition.

(c) The renter is obliged to check the oil and water levels, tyre pressure and other similar components, before taking delivery and to keep them at the required levels throughout the rental period. The renter accepts and obliged for the vehicle rented to obey the traffic rules that limits passengers including driver for travelling Renter accepts not to carry any goods, other than personal belongings (luggage’s), throughout the rental period.

(d) Only the person (s) specified on the first page of the contract is (are) entitled to drive the vehicle during the rental period and they can do so only if they possess a valid driving licence.

(e) Minimum rental period is three days and one day is defined as 24 consecutive hours. A full day rent will be charged even if the vehicle is returned to the owner before the completion of 24 hours.

(f) The renter, or any authorised driver (s) of the vehicle, cannot in any event be deemed the agent, servant, or employee of the owner.

(g) The renter agrees to receive and to return the vehicle on the date, time and place determined by the owner, for the (religious, public, bank…holidays) and private holidays.

3. The Responsibilities of The Renters (s)

(a) By signing this rental contract, the renter and additional driver (s) acknowledges that he has read, accepted, and agreed to observe all the terms and conditions stated on the pages 1 and 2 of this contract.

(b) The renter is responsible for any damage, loss and/or injury (including any physical injuries sustained by passengers and/or third parties) which is not specifically mentioned in this contract or in the insurance policy of the owner.

(c) In case of theft, fire, accident, or loss of or any damage to the vehicle, the renter must immediately inform the owner and the police.

(d) Renter agrees that by receiving the car from owner, accepts that the vehicle is in good order and will return the same together with tools and components, and equipment in the same condition, ordinary wear and tear accepted but excepting undue wear and tear by the reason of abuse.

(e) The owner, under no circumstances, will accept any bill, including bills for any repairs produced by the renter. The renters are liable for all parking and traffic fines.

(f) The renter will immediately inform the owner of any loss and/or damage to or fault in the vehicle (that under possession of the renter) and will not use the vehicle while it is in an unroadworthy condition or liable to cause damage to any person or property.

(g) The renter shall not take the vehicle outside the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, shall keep the vehicle at all times in his possession and custody and shall not underlet the said vehicle or allow it to be interfered with by anyone else except the owners prior written consent.

(h)The drivers must drive the vehicle with due care, due diligent and skill and in a manner which meets all legal requirements and the terms and conditions of the owners standard policy of insurance (third Party insurance).

(i) The renter undertakes to pay to the owner, on demand, a deposit and the estimated cost of the rental. The final fee adjustments and payment will be made on completion of the rental period and after the owner receives the vehicle. The renter accepts to pay in advance, on demand, the estimated cost of rental extension. All rental and additional service rates are shown on the first page of the contract and the renter accepts to pay them in full.

(j) All additional services, mentioned in the C.D.W. section, are rendered at a daily rate.

4. The Responsibility of the Owner

(a) The owner shall not be liable to the renter, driver (s) and/or any third party, under any circumstance what so ever, to make any payment or any form of compensation in respect of any loss, injuries, or damages to persons or their properties sustained as a result by the renter that directly or indirectly involved in any accident or under any circumstances.

(b) The owner accepts no responsibility for delays even if such delays may occur because of fault or breakdown in the vehicle or due to any other reason.

(c) No relaxation forbearance or indulgence by the owner in enforcing ant of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall prejudices or affect the rights and powers of the owner hereunder nor shall any waiver or any breach operate as a waiver of any subsequent of continuing breach.

5. The Revision, Cancellation, and Extension of the Contract

(a) The said vehicle is the absolute property of the owner and the owner may terminate this contract and take possession of the said vehicle at any time without notice and without compensation. The owner retains the right to substitute the vehicle with another vehicle, at any time without prior notice.

(b) If the rental period is exceeded by more than 3 hours, another full day will be charged. For delays up to 3 hours, 1/5 of the daily rental fee will be charged per extra hour.

(c) All damages and/or losses which occur after the rental period expires (as stated in item 2e), is the sole responsibility of the renter even if the vehicle has a valid collision damage waiver.

(d) At least 24 hours prior notice should be given to the owner for extending the rental period and the renter must pay the required amount for the extension.

Otherwise, the vehicle would be driven without permission and the renter would be responsible for the whole of any loss and/or damage brought upon the vehicle either by theft, by fire destruction and accident damage to the property, and/or for injuries to the passengers and third parties.

(e) In case of damage to the vehicle including the extension, the renter agrees and accepts responsibility to pay, to the owner, the agreed daily rental rates per day up to, (including the completion day) and the full repair cost of the vehicle.

(f) If the vehicle is returned to the owner before the agreed expiry of the rental period, the renter may claim 50% of the daily rental fee for every whole day for which the vehicle was returned early to be deducted from the previously negotiated/calculated/paid rental fee. After receiving the vehicle, the owner may refund the claimed amount that is to be paid as a result of early return of the vehicle after, subtracting administrative expenses from the refund amount. In such case occurs an additional service (C.D.W., petrol, etc) will not be refunded to the renter. In case that the additional services not paid, renter agrees to pay all the additional service for the full length of the rental period.

6. Petrol

Unless otherwise stated in this contract, the following terms apply to the petrol in the vehicle;

(a) The renter meets all of the fuel expenses during the rental period. The owner presents the vehicle to the renter at the beginning of the rental period with the petrol tank empty and the renter returns the vehicle at the end of the rental period with the petrol tank empty.

(b) The renter accepts to pay for the cost of the petrol when paying for the rental fee if they have chosen the fuel option.

(c) No refund can be given for any petrol in the tank when the vehicle is returned to the owner at the end of the rental period.

(d) Any other arrangement would have to abide with the terms and conditions stated on the page 1 of this contract.

  1. Dispute

(a) Breach of any of the conditions set out in this contract by the renter will bring about the termination of this agreement and give right to the owner to receive the vehicle back and not refund the deposit, additional service and rental fees to the renter. In case of breach owner has right to claim unpaid due of the additional service and rental fees as stated in the 1st page of this contract even though the rental vehicle has been collected by the owner.

(b) The parties are bound by the terms and conditions set out in this contract. Should any action be filed in any court, the renter will have to pay all expenses incurred thereby. Only the courts of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will have jurisdictions on any such matter. The renter agrees to abide by the decisions of the above mentioned courts. He also stipulates and agrees not to leave the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, before a resolution or compromise is reached between the parties.



I. The renter may be exempted from any kind of damage caused by accident to the car if he purchases a collision damage waiver, however this exemption or no other arrangement can relieve the renter from the responsibility for the following vehicle parts and components that damaged or loss by the accident. Tyres, side and internal mirrors, internal accessories – stereo, compass, GPS, mechanical and electrical components, sun-roof, and other roof top adjustment, mechanisms, windows and lights, spare tyre and oil sump.

II. The waiver is not valid in case of theft and damage by fire.

III. The waiver is only valid if the vehicle is driven within the legal speed limits, the driver is not at any time intoxicated, and/or drunken. The police records regarding the accident with the intoxication and alcohol tests are carried out on site before the vehicle is removed elsewhere. Otherwise C.D.W is considered nil and void.

IV. C.D.W. does not cover the damages due to misuse of the vehicle.

V. If any of the driver (s) are below the 25 years age limit, the vehicle is insured with third party insurance and the renter is liable for all damages to the vehicle.

VI. This waiver policy is only valid, if the renter and the driver (s) stated on page 1 of this contract obeys all the general terms and conditions and shows full due diligence, due care and attention throughout all rental period.

VII. The renter acknowledges that the C.D.W. is an additional agreement that is bindery with the renal contract and owner has reserved the right not to accept C.D.W. to each rental agreement.

VIII. These insurance policies are considered invalid unless they are explicitly stated next to the signature of the renter on page 1 of this contract.

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