About Us


Atoll Rent A Car offers Northern Cyprus car rental service. We offer high quality service at our lowest guaranteed prices for each of our customers to rent a car in Northern Cyprus. We can provide the lowest price without compromising car rental service in Northern Cyprus.

We are growing fast and confidently in the travel sector and Northern Cyprus Car Rental sector, which is developing strongly and adding value to customer service day by day.

Atoll Rent A Car is a competitive company in the car rental business, which mainly provides car rental services to customers.

At Atoll Rent A Car, we offer our valued customers various cars in good condition based on your comfort and safety.

Our goal is to renew our vehicle fleet every year, to improve and to offer you a better service every year.

Real Estate agency service is also provided in our company. We offer our customers a chance to invest in the ever growing Real Estate sector of North Cyprus with sales of Villas, Apartments and Office space.

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