Fuel Options

Please note that all cars are unleaded.

We deliver our vehicles with the equivalent of £20 worth of fuel:

This is the most popular petrol option. We fill the car up from Atoll Petrol Station and deliver it to you. The car will be provided with the equivalent of £20 worth of fuel, which you will be charged for if you return the car empty. Please note that petrol is not refundable.

“Leave it as you got it”  Only available Girne (Kyrenia) Office pick up/drop off 

This is the second option which we don’t recommend if you are getting the car at Ercan Airport and driving long distance.  We are offering this option for our customers who do not want to get full tank petrol because they believe they will not use full tank petrol. If you choose this option, we deliver the petrol as it is and you bring it back as you got it.

There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!